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Escapoly – Escape Room The Game

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Escapoly - Escape Room The GameClick Image To Visit SiteEscapoly is a mystery, co-operative, detective experience created especially for escape room, treasure hunt and logical game lovers. In this challenging, story-driven game for 1-8 players, you will try to stop a serial killer in order to save his next victim by finding clues, solveing puzzles and decrypting codes. In this first edition Escapoly takes you inside a real crime scene left behind by a serial killer named the Enigmist Clown. We will send you 3 envelopes containing the evidences of 3 different crimes and some photos that were collected at the crime scene. You are going to gather information, deduce clues, and follow leads…

Tick, tack… the time is up… But do not panic: you do not need to be the new Sherlock Holmes to win!

This game is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced … This is not a board game, there will be no dice or playing cards, but only a challenge between the killer and your investigative skills.

Will you accept the challenge and stop the killer clown or close yourself in a closet hoping the clown never finds you?

You’re pretty smart and you’ve proven your ability to unlock that next level online. But can you perform in real life? Take it up a notch – a LIVE escape challenge. Pull the digital action and adventure you love online into a real-world setting. Do you have what it takes to find clues, solve ciphers, crack codes, and use your skills to get out?

Break the norm! Turn off the TV and make some real-life memories together! The Escape Experience is the perfect way to spend quality social time with family and friends. An escape attempt from one of our cleverly designed rooms is an adventure that will not soon be forgotten… Read more…

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